'Despacito' Co-Writers Evade Lawsuit After Copyright Case Got Dismissed

Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi and Erika Ender, who penned the 2017 summer hit, have been successful in challenging Newton Cortes' claims that the lyrics to the song infringed on those in his.

AceShowbiz - A copyright lawsuit filed against the co-writers of 2017 summer hit "Despacito" has been dismissed by U.S. District Court officials.

Newton Cortes alleged the lyrics to the song infringed on those in his song Despasito, which he registered in 2006. He claimed that the two tunes shared a title and some similar use of words and phrases.

Filing suit in July, 2019, Cortes requested 20 per cent of royalties, $50,000 (£38,200) compensation, and statutory damages. Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi, and Erika Ender, who penned the popular anthem, filed motions to dismiss the suit, and have prevailed in court.

Judge Kathleen Williams made the ruling in a decision last week, August 06, after comparing the two songs.

"The works are only similar as to unprotectable elements and share no commonality at the level of protectable expression," she wrote, adding, "While Plaintiff's original arrangement of the 'Despacito' in his lyrics is protectable, Defendants did not copy any creative selection that could constitute protectable expression."

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