Claire Danes Calls Herself Masochist for Reading Bad 'Homeland' Reviews While in Labor
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When sharing her experience in giving birth to her first child, the actress playing Carrie Mathison in the series recalls going into labor during a shopping spree with her husband, Hugh Dancy.

AceShowbiz - Claire Danes put herself through torment as she was giving birth to her first child in 2012 by reading bad reviews about the finale of the second season of "Homeland".

The actress reveals she went into labour early during a shopping spree with her husband, Hugh Dancy, and while she was struggling with the birth she decided to check out what the critics were saying about her hit show.

"The birth of Cyrus was planned and happened to be the (same day as the) airing of the finale of the second season," she says during a virtual 92Y in Conversation event. "Hugh and I were at Bed, Bath and Beyond (store) getting the last few things that we needed, and it all happened much faster than it was supposed to. It wasn't supposed to happen until the next morning."

"I was in increasing agony, awake, and I should've been asleep and it occurred to me that the finale had aired. I'm on my phone wondering what people thought about it, looking for feedback which is the worst thing you can do because inevitably someone will say something bad. It was the definition of masochism. I am in labour and reading bad reviews!".

And she admits young Cyrus' life has been all about Homeland, which finished its run earlier this year, adding, "My son went to his first school ever, kindergarten, in Germany. When he was throwing tantrums at three years old and he was literally saying, 'Nein, nein, nein!' He spent almost a full year in school in Morocco. He's such an international little dude now."

"All of those influences have shaped him in very real ways. It's been very informative for us and our offspring. I mean my son was inside me kicking when we were filming. Lesli (Linka Glatter) was holding him while she was directing for four months. On the final season he was on her lap literally calling, 'Action' and 'Cut.' It was kind of amazing."

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