Emma Watson Disappoints Woman Inspiring Her 'Bling Ring' Character With Unsympathetic Remarks
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When speaking about the 'Little Women' star's role in the 2013 movie during an Instagram Live broadcast, Alexis Neiers points out the one problem she had with the actress.

AceShowbiz - Emma Watson has been slammed by Alexis Neiers - the woman who inspired her character in 2013 movie "The Bling Ring" - for remarks she made about her.

The satirical crime film centred on a real-life gang of fame-obsessed teenagers, who tracked the whereabouts of celebrities and then robbed their homes of riches.

After the 2010 crime spree, Alexis was charged with burglary and sentenced to 180 days in jail, three years' probation, and a $600,000 (£460,000) fine.

Speaking during an Instagram Live broadcast, Alexis reflected on Emma's portrayal of the character inspired by her, and confessed she was disappointed by comments the "Little Women (2019)" star previously made about her.

"The problem I had is with the comments she made about me and the role, despite the fact that she already knew that I was a convicted... like, the heroin part, the drug addiction part had already come out (sic)," Alexis explained during her chat with Ziwe Fumudoh. "So, I was actually in treatment at the time they were filming the movie."

She also noted she had hoped for more empathy from Emma, recalling the actress said, "Something along the lines of, 'This girl's the epitome of what I'm totally against and she's disgusting'."

"At that point I already came out with the fact that I've been sexually abused throughout my childhood and was like a full-blown heroin addict at the time," Alexis added.

While promoting the movie, Emma told W magazine her character was "so different from me. How do I try and understand a young woman who loves these things so much that she is prepared to commit crimes to have them?".

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