Annie Lennox Slams Madonna for 'Endorsing' Fake COVID-19 Claims: 'Utter Madness'

Supporting Dr. Stella Immanuel's claims that hydroxychloroquine can cure the virus, the 'Like a Virgin' singer says that the vaccine 'has been proven and available for months.'

AceShowbiz - Even though Dr. Stella Immanuel's claims that hydroxychloroquine is the cure to COVID-19 have been debunked over and over again, Madonna apparently still believes what the controversial doctor said. To make matters worse, the Queen of Pop even spread the false information on social media and sparked a lot of criticism from people on the Internet.

Madonna shared on Instagram the viral footage while hailing Immanuel as her "hero." She wrote in the caption of the post, "The Truth will - set us all Free! But some people don't want to hear the truth. Especially the people in power who stand to make money from this long drawn out search for a Vaccine Which has been proven and available for months."

She added, "They would rather let fear control them and let the rich get richer and the poor and sick get sicker."

Her post was immediately flagged by Instagram and removed from the social media site. Despite that, Annie Lennox apparently still had time to jump into the comment section and blast Madonna over her comment. "This is utter madness!!! I can't believe that you are endorsing this dangerous quackery," the singer-songwriter said, hoping that Madonna wasn't actually sharing the post. "Hopefully your site has been hacked and you're just about to explain it…"

Should Madonna really believe hydroxychloroquine can cure Coronavirus, she joins Donald Trump and Donald Trump. Jr., whose Twitter account has been suspended, as the only public figures who voiced their support to the false claims. Meanwhile, The World Health Organization has previously stated that there is currently no proof that the malaria drug can cure the deadly virus. The organization also reiterated that misuse of the drug could cause "serious side effects and illness and even lead to death."

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