Lil Baby 'Offended' If Someone Pays Him Less Than $100K for a Verse

'The Bigger Picture' rapper has taken to Twitter to make public his opinion when someone approaches for a feature but fails to offer a certain amount of money that he has set.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby is among the hot rappers whose albums often lead the chart as soon as they are released. With that record, it is only natural for him to set his own standard when it comes to how much he wants to be paid for a feature and he will not accept anything less.

On Sunday, July 26, "The Bigger Picture" rapper took to Twitter to make public his opinion when someone approached for a verse but failed to offer a certain amount of money that he has set. "Ima feel offended if you want a verse from me but don't got no 100k.... 'respect my hustle,' " the Atlanta star wrote.

In a separate post, he went on to say that $100k isn't really that expensive. "An 100k cheap by the way do your streaming research," he shared.

In response to the tweets, most fans thought the amount of money he wanted for a verse was ridiculous. "He hot right now but damm humble yourself acting like a 10 year veteran," one urged Baby in an Instagram comment. Someone else insinuated that the only people who could charge $100K for a verse are Nicki Minaj and Beyonce Knowles.

Meanwhile, someone clowned the rapper by saying that he needed more coins because he knew his career wouldn't last long. "Cuz he Know he won't be around in 10yrs. So he might as well get them coins now!!" the person commented.

However, someone defended Baby, thinking that it was pretty rational for Baby to set the price that high. "he's right tho. he had the number one album for 4 weeks and constantly breaks streaming records. he has the right to demand whatever price he wants," one fan said. Echoing the statement, another user added, "That man is in his prime. Y'all better pay that money !!"

Last month, the chart-topping rapper announced he was upping his feature price to $100,000. "At this point it's safe to say I want 100k for a feature," he wrote on Twitter at the time. Pierre "P" Thomas, the CEO of his label Quality Control Music, then quickly told him to increase the amount to 200K in his reply.

Baby is indeed one of the rising stars over the past year or so. His newest album, "My Turn", debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart in addition to spending a total of 20 weeks in the Top 10.

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