Ellie Goulding's Mom 'Deeply Hurt' After the Star Says Their Relationship Is Beyond Repair

The estranged mother of the 'Burn' hitmaker has broken her silence on her family feud in response to the star's comment that their feud 'isn't fixable.'

AceShowbiz - Ellie Goulding's mother Tracey has been left "deeply hurt" by her daughter's comments about their strained relationship.

The 33-year-old "Burn" hitmaker hit headlines after giving an interview to Britain's The Independent newspaper, in which she said that the last time she saw her mum was at her wedding to Caspar Jopling last year (19).

"It's frustrating because I really want to talk to you about it. But she became quite threatening when I did talk about her in the press. Discussing her was a disaster," Ellie said. "I haven't seen my mother since my wedding last year."

She added, "I've done a lot of therapy about it because what I thought was fixable isn't fixable."

However, hitting back at her daughter's allegations, Tracey, 56, told the Daily Mail Online that she has no idea why the singer would consider her "threatening."

"It's very, very upsetting. I don't know what to say. I am not that type of person," she said. "I really, really don't know what she is referring to and where the word threatening has come from. I don't know what she is talking about. I don't think Ellie has ever spoken about me in the press so I don't know what I could become threatening about."

"I think it must have been twisted or taken out of context because I have not got a threatening bone in my body."

As for the claims that her relationship with Ellie isn't fixable, Tracey added that both she and her three other children had been dramatically affected by the "Your Song" star's comments.

"I put a brave face on and I am smiling now but quite frankly I am deeply hurt," she sighed. "My other children have said to me, 'oh my god, what the hell.' It is not nice to see your family all over the papers."

Last year, Tracey became embroiled in a racism row when she accused Rak-Su singer Myles Stephenson of trying to "sound like a black dude" during his time in the "I'm a Celebrity" camp. Myles, whose father is black and of Jamaican descent, hit back saying, "I'll be sure to tell my 'black' side of my family that I sound like them! They'll be happy! 2020 and racism already starting."

She later apologised and denied she is racist.

Ellie has yet to respond to her mother's interview.

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