Dua Lipa Accused of Being 'Fascist'

The 'New Rules' hitmaker is facing outrage online as she is linked to the supporters of extreme Albanian nationalism after posting a map of 'greater Albania.'

AceShowbiz - Dua Lipa has attracted criticism from fans on Twitter after she shared a tweet often associated with supporters of extreme Albanian nationalism.

The "New Rules" hitmaker posted a map that includes Albania, Kosovo and parts of neighbouring Balkan countries, mainly inhabited by ethnic Albanians, and a definition of the word autochthonous - describing people who are "indigenous rather than descended from migrants or colonists."

Lipa, whose parents are from Kosovo, was accused of favouring Albanian expansionism after posting the map, which forms part of hardline nationalist ideals of creating a Greater Albania that would incorporate all ethnic Albanians.

Taking to the comments, a number of users accused the "Physical" star of being a "fascist" and began using the hashtag #CancelDuaLipa.

"Your advocacy for the extreme nationalist & expansionist project of Greater Albania shows that your mind is poisoned," wrote one follower, while another added, "It's disgusting that you use your fame to spread propaganda and terrorism on your platforms. Instead of sharing love and support between the nations, you take it as your mission to divide us in conflict."

However, several fans appeared confused by the backlash, and insisted the star should be allowed to share her views online.

The hitmaker posted the map after a petition appeared online calling for Apple Maps to show Kosovo as an independent nation. The campaign had attracted more than 120,000 signatures when WENN went to press.

Lipa has yet to address the backlash.

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