Billie Joe Armstrong's Son Accused of Sexual Abuse by Ex-Girlfriend

Joey Armstrong, the drummer of SWMRS and son of Green Day frontman, is facing sexual misconduct allegations made by his former girlfriend, The Regrettes star Lydia Night.

AceShowbiz - Joey Armstrong, drummer of punk act SWMRS and son of Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, has been accused of sexual misconduct by The Regrettes star Lydia Night.

The 19-year-old frontwoman of the U.S. indie rockers who released their second album "How Do You Love?" last year (19), dated Joey three years ago and opened up on their "toxic" relationship in an Instagram post on Monday (20Jul20).

"I was in a relationship with Joey that started when I was 16 and ended right before my 18th birthday," she penned. "For so long I viewed it just as being toxic and not something valid enough to share but now I know that what I actually experienced was emotional abuse and sexual coercion by someone in a position of power over me."

"It's important to me that Joey and his entire band are held accountable to fully understand that even though they may view themselves as 'good guys' they are continuing to perpetuate the exact toxic culture they are trying to call out."

She alleged a number of "traumatic events" occurred throughout the relationship, claiming Joey pressured her into sexual encounters and that she was still "triggered" by her experiences in the relationship.

Her post came two days after bosses at Burger Records, which distributed a cassette edition of SWMRS' 2016 LP, "Drive North", issued a Facebook statement addressing accusations made against multiple, unspecified artists on the label, relating to "the grooming of underage girls for sex, relationships built on power imbalance, and the solicitation of pornography from minors."

SWMRS later posted an Instagram statement addressing "the stories that survivors of sexual abuse in the Southern California music scene have been sharing."

"The music industry is a chain of abuse that starts with the adults who profit off of the precariousness of youth," they wrote, adding it's "time to unlearn and rethink."

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