According to his 'King of Staten Island' co-star, the 'Saturday Night Live' star reportedly is so light that he could perch on a wire and it wouldn't collapse.

AceShowbiz - Comedian Bill Burr was stunned by the weight of his "The King of Staten Island" co-star Pete Davidson, insisting the "Saturday Night Live" regular has "bird bones."

Burr felt sure he'd injure himself in one scene in the streaming hit when his firefighter character was required to pick Pete up during a fight and he was amazed by how little he weighed.

"They had a line they wanted me to say: 'Jesus Christ, you're light....,' " Burr recalls. "It was true. Pete is light."

"I thought, 'I'm not going to be able to pick up this guy; he's like 6' 3" and I'm old with a bad shoulder.' They told me to do the fireman's carry, which made sense. So, I slipped a punch and then went over and picked Pete up."

"I'm confirming Pete is light as s**t; he has bird bones. He could perch on a phone wire and it wouldn't collapse!"

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