Kim Kardashian Finds Trolls Questioning Her Cooking Skills 'Super Funny'

It all begins after an old pic of the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star's food start making its way back online, prompting people to make fun of her cooking skills.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian is no stranger to being trolled online. While she doesn't usually respond to any of them, there are also times when the makeup mogul is in the mood to hit back at them. For instance, when people started questioning her cooking skills, Kim took to her Twitter account to set the record straight.

It all began after an old pic of her food started making its way back online, prompting people to make fun of her cooking skills while some others had a hard time figuring out what Kim was cooking. "Has anyone figured out what the hell Kim K was cooking ?" one asked, as someone else said, "Does anyone know what that atrocious a** s**t Kim k was cooking was supposed to be? I'm so confused bc that s**t looks god awful."

Since the topic trended on social media, Kim naturally found out about what people had been talking about and offered her own response. Taking to the micro-blogging site, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star made it clear that she did not make the food herself. Instead, she just bought it from a well-known restaurant.

"For all of the things that could be trending, this is super funny to me that so many are concerned about a pic i posted 2 years ago," so she wrote alongside a picture of the food. "It's the sweet corn truffle pasta from the best restaurant ever, Georgio Baldi in Santa Monica. They are open for take out. I highly recommend."

This is far from the first time Kim has responded to trolls. Prior to this, when people mocked her empty refrigerator, the KKW Beauty owner decided to hit back by giving them a full tour to her pantry and kitchen.

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