'Tron Legacy' Sequel in Development with 'Really Phenomenal' Script
Walt Disney Pictures

Mitchell Leib, the president of music and soundtracks for Walt Disney Studios, spills the bean on 'Tron 3' during an interview on a podcast about the 'Mission: Impossible' film series.

AceShowbiz - The long-awaited follow up to "Tron Legacy" has finally entered the development stage, 10 years after the film premiered.

Joe Kosinski's Disney feature was released in 2010, with talk of a sequel emerging over the years but no concrete plans announced.

Now Walt Disney Studios' President Of Music & Soundtracks Mitchell Leib has confirmed a new instalment is in the works.

"We're looking at making a sequel to Tron (Legacy) now. We're making a 'Tron 3'," Leib said on "Light The Fuse", a podcast about the "Mission: Impossible" film series. He added the script was already complete, calling it "really phenomenal."

As for why the production has taken so long to come together, Leib insists the timing is now perfect.

"Whereas the timing wasn't right to have done it years ago, I think we feel like the timing is right now and we learned a lot of lessons from that last movie," he shared.

It is unclear who will be directing the project but Leib is hoping Kosinski will return to the franchise.

"We don't even know who will be directing yet," he said. "We're hopeful that Joe Kosinski will come back and do another one. A lot of things have gotta fall into the right places."

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