'BIC' Star Charmaine on Backlash for Giving Newborn Splash Attack: My Dad Won't Talk to Me

The reality TV star received a huge backlash after she posted on TikTok a video of her giving her newborn baby, Nola, a splash attack as a part of TikTok challenge.

AceShowbiz - It's always fun to attempt a TikTok challenge, but "Black Ink Crew Chicago" star Charmaine clearly needs to reconsider with whom she will be attempting the challenge, as well as its consequences. The reality TV star recently received a huge backlash for giving her newborn baby, Nola, a splash attack for a TikTok video. Her dad was among those who weren't having it, to the point where he decided not to talk to her.

It all happened last month, when she posted on the popular site a video of her splashing Nola with water from a water bottle. The backlash was immediate, but Charmaine thought that it was nonsense considering that her baby wasn't harmed. She even took the time to respond to the critics by saying, "Some of you guys got your panties in a real bunch! MY baby is fine! She didn't cry. I didn't harm her. It's water!!! This post isn't for everyone but some people who aren't so stuck up might find the humor! My parents did dumb funny s**t to me all the time. I'm having fun with my family."

Unfortunately, her response backfired and she received even more backlash than before. It was so bad that she eventually took down her video and issued an apology. Some people have moved on since that, but her dad hasn't. In an interview with Bossip through Instagram Live, Charmaine confessed she's currently not on speaking terms with her dad.

"Yeah, it's just drama. Since it happened, it's just all the internet stuff and then my dad and stuff finding out about it. And we haven't talked since. Dad is pissed. So I'm trying to figure out like how do I call my dad and what do I say?" she explained. "I don't know if he blocked me. I tried to text him the next day. It came up green, so…"

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