Adele Sends Words of Love Virtually During Third Anniversary Memorial of Grenfell Tower Fire

Hours before the virtual memorial service took place, Meghan Markle praises the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen who have been providing survivors with a local support network.

AceShowbiz - Adele made an emotional appearance during a virtual memorial service on Sunday (June 14) to mark the third anniversary of London's tragic Grenfell Tower fire.

The massive blaze claimed the lives of 72 people back in 2017, after flammable cladding attached to the outside of the social housing block caught fire.

Adele has long been among the British stars to lend her support to survivors of the Grenfell inferno and demand politicians take action to prevent future, similar disasters, and on Sunday, she shared a few words of love to those taking part in a digital memorial.

"I want to send my love to all of you today, and let you know that I'm thinking of you, as I always do," the singer said.

"Even though we're having to do this in the virtual world, online, on 2020 Zoom life as it is, it's still so important for us to mourn together and for us to remember that night and to reflect on that and also reflect on where we are now with that."

She also stressed how important it is to "celebrate the lives that were lived before they were sadly taken that night."

The "Rolling in the Deep" hitmaker went on to praise members of the Grenfell community for supporting one another through the tragedy, and now, during the coronavirus pandemic.

"I have never been so moved or so inspired by a group of people before. Your resilience is second to none...," she shared.

"I miss you all, I can't wait to see you all and... I'm thinking of you today more than ever. Stay safe, stay healthy."

The virtual memorial took place hours after Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, delivered a special address to the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen, a food charity founded in the wake of the Grenfell fire to provide survivors with a local support network.

In a pre-recorded audio message, Prince Harry's wife, who has been a champion of the organization, praised the group members for putting "love in action," and added, "I'm so proud of you, so is Harry, and we are sending so much love to you from across the pond and thinking of you today, as I'm sure it's a difficult day, but also one where you can look at how much you've accomplished in the past three years, and how you continue to give back and be an example for all of those around you."

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