Boosie Badazz on Looting During George Floyd Protests: 'It's All Well-Deserved'

Weighing in on the protests, the Baton Rouge rapper claims that 'black people should be paid, like the Indians, our race been through more s**t than anybody.'

AceShowbiz - Lil Boosie (Boosie Badazz) discussed racism against black people during his latest appearance on comedian Theo Von's podcast. The rapper also talked about the debate regarding the protestors and the looters following the death of George Floyd, a black man who was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer.

"I think it's all well-deserved," Boosie said about the looting during the protests across the United States. Referring to police brutality, the Baton Rouge star claimed that "it been going on."

"It's just now we got 'em. As soon as something happened it get out. If they didn't have those cameras-- those phones-- it blessed us -- now they see what they've been doing for twenty five years," he continued.

Weighing in on the protests, Bossie said, '"People tired of being at home, our President's crazy, it wasn't the time for this. Especially for Black people." He went on saying, "Black people should be paid, like the Indians, our race been through more s**t than anybody."

"Why hasn't any President said why aren't the Black Americans compensated? We was hanged, our wealth was stolen from us-- millions, kids are dying today. Black families should be compensated, why no motherf***ing President said it, not even [Barack] Obama," he questioned.

Boosie is among the hip-hop stars who address the Black Lives Matter. Recently, Big Sean delivered a powerful speech about history of racism in America. "I don't feel equal and I don't feel free," he said in footage posted to his Twitter and Instagram feeds. "Of course let's speak up and be heard, but things have to change."

Touching on discrimination throughout U.S. history, Sean, real name Sean Michael Leonard Anderson, continued, "Our ancestors built this country for free, OK? So I'm just talking from the heart right now, but one of my biggest issues is that... this current government, and country, is built on a racist foundation."

He added, "It's impossible to get out of once you in there, you know...(sic)? Some of the first police forces ever was made during slavery, down South, in them Southern states (sic). And their main focus was to capture, apprehend, beat, discipline slaves, rip them apart from their families, keep them apart and God knows whatever else."

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