Kehlani on Music Industry's Blackout Tuesday: It's Not 'Doing S**t'

Kehlani isn't the only musician who echoed the sentiment, as Lil Nas X criticizes the campaign in which other celebrities and brands post blank, black squares on social media

AceShowbiz - Kehlani doesn't think Blackout Tuesday is an effective way to spread awareness about Black Lives Matter. Taking to her Twitter account, the singer criticized the campaign in which other celebrities and brands post blank, black squares on social media.

"The music industry makes so much F***IN MONEY off Black people. Black artists Black listeners Black supporters," so she recently tweeted in a now-deleted post. "these posts ain't doing s**t BAIL YOUR LISTENERS OUT. put the money where your graphic designer fingers are at! y'all GOT IT." In a separate post, she insisted, "this black out tuesday , industry black out s**t BULLS**TTTTT."

When asked by a fan if she thought "blackout Tuesday is useful," the "Gangsta" singer responded, "f**k no first of all. the major release day is FRIDAYS. tuesdays not a big deal. no releases should come out at all for the week s**t maybe for the month. and if they do, these companies need to pledge to giving the Black artists who release ALL THE MONEY MADE FROM IT. f**k it."

"now, #TheShowMustBePaused innitiative started by two black women Jamila Thomas & Brianna Agyemang dedicated to disrupting the music industry for a day… love that. seen less of that tag and proper info on that… industry folks need to specifically boost the ORIGINAL info," she continued.

Clarifying what she's against for, Kehlani explained, "i don't want anyone thinking that's what i called out as bulls**t earlier. what i called out was a bunch of suits on instagram saying black out tuesday for the industry. with no context. no nod to the original organizers or the original flyer."

Kehlani isn't the only musician who thinks so. Lil Nas X echoed the sentiment, writing, "This is not helping us. Bro who the hell thought of this?? ppl need to see what's going on. Not tryna be announcing but what if we posted donation and petitions links on Instagram all at the same time instead of pitch black images."

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