Kehlani Shows Off Perky Butt After Hitting Gym for 3 Months
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The 'Beautiful Lies' singer inspires their followers to adopt a healthier lifestyle after the 27-year-old star takes to social media to show the result of '3 committed months of fitness bro-ism.'

AceShowbiz - Kehlani is living their goal to be healthier this year. The 27-year-old singer/songwriter has apparently worked up a sweat in the gym lately and they has stunned their fans as they showed off the work in progress.

Over the weekend, the Oakland native took to social media to flaunt their enviable figure. The R&B star posted a video that featured them dancing to Ice Spice's "In Ha Mood", shaking their booty to the camera.

The "Beautiful Lies" songstress a cropped grey crewneck sweater over printed green-and-black tight leggings, which emphasized their perky derriere. They flexed their abs before turning to give fans a peek at the back.

"3 committed months of fitness bro-ism in every sense of the word. PROGRESS," Kehlani wrote in the caption. The post caught Ice Spice's attention as the raptress responded with "Baddie fren" in the comments.

Kehlani's video has inspired their followers to adopt the same healthy lifestyle. One user reacted to the video, "We need to gym bccc imma need the squat secret," as another similarly commented, "okay i'll go to the gym."

Others left thirsty comments on the post, with one saying, "those yams be yamming." Another quipped, "dont make me eat my phone..." Someone else gushed, "My favourite body type."

Despite the flirty messages, Kehlani may not be tempted as they appear to be in a relationship now. Back in December, they debuted their new boo in a video shared via their TikTok account.

In the clip, the pair were lying close next to each other on what looks like a couch. Asking their girlfriend to greet their followers, Kehlani instructed her, "Say hi to the girls." Kehlani's girlfriend complied with their request and said to the camera, "Hi, girls!" but the "Gangsta" songstress soon turned a bit possessive. "You wasn't supposed to say hi to the girls," they told their girlfriend, who argued, "You said it." Kehlani then explained, "You were supposed to say hi, but not to the girls."

In the caption, the former member of teen group Poplyfe wrote, "since yall asked," insinuating that they hoped it would answer their fans' curiosity. Further confirming their relationship, the pair were seen sharing a smooch in another video.

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