The 'High Fidelity' actor reveals he was pepper-sprayed and attacked by police while being caught in the middle of clashes between cops and protesters in Chicago.

AceShowbiz - "High Fidelity" star John Cusack was hit with pepper spray during a Black Lives Matter protest in his native Chicago, Illinois on Saturday night, May 30, 2020.

The masked actor found himself in the middle of a stand-off between activists and police in the city and he was targeted by cops trying to disperse the crowds.

After taking to social media to reveal he had spoken to several cops and saluted them for "not escalating violence," the 53 year old shared footage of cops "coming at me with batons" and hitting his bicycle for "filming a burning car."

John also captured video of looters breaking into city stores and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called for an overnight curfew to keep people off the streets.

Cusack also took to his social media channel to suggest the street violence that was mirrored in 40 cities across the U.S. would continue into next week.

"(I) would be very surprised if this is a one or two day event," he added. "This may well be the beginning of end of Trump loathsome era - thank god - feels like many streams of outrage coming to a head - a wave peaking (sic)."

Over 250 people were arrested during the violent protests in Chicago.

Cusack wasn't the only star attacked by police during the protests - Halsey and actor Kendrick Sampson both reported incidents of police brutality in Los Angeles and the Insecure star shared hard-hitting videos from the streets on Instagram.

"I have it on video, they (police officers) literally just started shooting canisters into peaceful protesters," Kendrick said in one clip. "These motherf**kers started this s**t. These motherf**kers right here. They started this s**t... They are the aggressors."

Footage of the "Insecure" star being hit by a baton-wielding policeman was also caught on camera as Kendrick screamed, "Don't f**king hit me!" He then turned the camera on himself and added, "They started hurting people. Y'all saw this motherf**ker hit me... with a baton, I'm unarmed. Then they started attacking girls. I have it all on video. I was sitting there filming peacefully and he (police officer) targeted me out of everybody. He started hitting me 'cause I was recording? I ain't being violent. I don't condone violence."

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