Whitesnake Founder David Coverdale Slams People's Ignorance Over COVID-19 Protocols

As he expressed disbelief at those who refuse to follow the guidelines, the 'Is This Love' singer acknowledges that he is among those most at risk from the novel coronavirus.

AceShowbiz - Whitesnake star David Coverdale has attacked people who are refusing to follow the COVID-19 guidelines, calling their ignorance "breathtaking."

At 68, the "Is This Love" singer is among those most at risk from the virus, and he can't believe how many people simply can't follow the rules.

He tells Ultimate Classic Rock, "I see some people taking the protocols seriously and others just completely ignoring it, as if they're immune to the worst biblical challenge we've had for millennia. It's breathtaking to me."

"I don't know whether it's arrogance or the imagination that they're immune for whatever reason."

Whitesnake were among the first acts forced to scrap touring commitments due to the coronavirus, which has now claimed over 100,000 lives in America, where David calls home.

"At my age, I have to be really careful," Coverdale adds, revealing his knee surgery recovery has been hampered by the pandemic. "I can't get my health issues dealt with because the hospitals are dealing with life-threatening virus victims," he explains.

"We'll get through this. The reason we've survived hundreds of thousands of years is because we adapt. We have to - we've been given no choice. But this is a hell of a thing to adapt to."

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