'RHOA': NeNe Leakes Will Not Give Her #1 Seat to Kandi Burruss

NeNe also says that she has attempted to end the feud with the Xscape singer but that doesn't work, prompting her to think that Kandi only wants 'some smoke' with her.

AceShowbiz - NeNe Leakes is feuding with "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-star Kandi Burruss after having a tense moment in part 1 of season 12 reunion. Now, NeNe addressed the matter in an interview with "The Breakfast Club" on Tuesday, May 12, claiming that Kandi "just wants to be number 1."

"What damage do I need to control? I didnt do anything, you guys watched the show, I sat there they said what they said I said what I said," NeNe shared in the clip. "Kandi just wants to be number 1, you know she's never been number one in anything that she's done. So coming over here to my house she wants to be number one, this seat is not available yet. It's available when I give it to her, she's number two."

When asked how their feud began, NeNe claimed that "Kandi and I have never had an issue." While she admitted that they "had our little issue years ago," she added that they had decided to "let it go."

"So I did this YouTube show, I have a YouTube channel I'm sorry and I spoke on there about a situation that never involved her, I never called her names, imagine looking at a video and saying, 'She's talking about me,' " the 52-year-old said. "So basically that's what she did, she looked at my video where was no names called and she said, 'She's talking about me' and she just ran with it."

NeNe then said that she had made an attempt to end the feud with the Xscape singer. "Now I did with these girls say that you should do, if you and that person are cool, why can't you call them up. So I said sure I'm going to call Kandi up. I sent Kandi some text messages, she started firing back at me in the text messsages. I said Kandi this is not about you, she continued to do it," she explained.

She added, "I texted her days later, texted her again and told her Kandi its not about you, she continued. So from that I knew she just wanted some smoke with me, she's been boring for a while now, and so what better way to have somebody to call your name Kandi, is to put in line with Nene Leakes."

NeNe later was asked about who she was talking on her YouTube channel if it wasn't Kandi, to which she replied, "Well if I wanted everybody to know then I would have said it right there on my channel, I've never been a person to hold back, I was speaking my mind about a situation, that just did not involve her. And I don't feel like I needed to sit on camera and start calling people names, cause once you do that, it's a whole bunch of drama right."

"So I didn't call any names, I just said what I said. She just inserted herself as the person I was talking about, but see Kandi is no competition for me, if I was really going to talk about her, I would tell her, not only on camera, to her face," she added.

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