Watch: DaBaby Proposes to B. Simone on 'Wild 'N Out'

In the upcoming episode of the show, it seems like the Charlotte rapper is proposing to the social media star, who barges in to the stage donning a wedding dress.

AceShowbiz - DaBaby and B. Simone once again spark romance rumors. During their appearance on "Wild 'N Out", the two stars show incessantly flirty interaction. According to a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of the show, it seems like the Charlotte rapper is proposing to her.

The sneak peek video features B. Simone wearing a wedding dress. DaBaby is about to kneel for another girl before B. Simon barges in. "Hell no! Hell no! Who is this b***h?" she can be heard yelling. The video cuts when DaBaby turns his attention to B. Simone instead, much to her excitement.

B. Simone had multiple times made public of her obsession with DaBaby. Last year, the businesswoman left some thirsty comments on the "Bop" hitmaker's social media posts. She's also photographed sporting a white traditional wedding dress complete with a veil while carrying a cardboard cut-out of DaBaby in a tux while attending Jess Hilarious' Halloween party in Atlanta.

The rapper/businesswoman additionally once declared that she was ready to be the step-mother of his two children. In December of 2019, she finally got a chance to snuggle up to the 28-year-old star at a club.

Most recently, they refueled the speculation about possible romantic relationship between them with pictures of the two cozying up to each other, the "Intro" hitmaker has clarified that, in contrary to the rumors, they are not an item.

The Cleveland rapper set things straight on the nature of his relationship with B. Simone by sharing a trailer of his upcoming music video for "Find My Way" which is starring the "Girls Cruise" cast member. "Stupid a** n***a lol, #MarketingGOAT," he wrote in the caption, suggesting that the PDA pictures were just marketing ploy to drum up the release of his cinematic visuals.

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