Jennifer Wayne Reveals Plan to Donate Blood After Testing Positive for COVID-19

The one-third of Runaway June, who claims to have been over the worst of the symptoms, believes she may have contracted coronavirus at her local grocery store.

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Wayne has become the latest country star to test positive for the coronavirus.

The Runaway June star turned to social media on Wednesday (April 15) to let fans and followers know she had been diagnosed with COVID-19, revealing she held off from sharing the news because she wasn't sure she wanted her health crisis to be made public.

"To be honest it's kind of rocked me and I wasn't sure that putting it on a public platform was right for me," she wrote, explaining she may have contracted the virus at her local grocery store.

Wayne, who is over the worst of the symptoms, reveals she tackled the virus by loading up on vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin B-complex and zinc, and drank water and Gatorade.

"Those vitamins and staying hydrated and rest were a lifesaver for me," she says, telling followers she plans to donate her blood to help others battling COVID-19.

The country world has been hit hard by the pandemic, claiming the lives of Joe Diffie and John Prine.

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