Young Chop 'Scared' of Being Shot After Arrested for Reckless Conduct

The arrest presumably stems from the Chicago rapper/producer looking for his rival 21 Savage on Sunday, April 5 while carrying a gun after their social media spat.

AceShowbiz - Young Chop apparently fears for his safety after getting into the nerves of a bunch of fellow hip-hop stars. The Chicago rapper/producer admitted he's scared of getting shot following his arrest earlier this week.

According to XXL, Chop, whose real name is Tyree Pitman, was booked on a misdeameanor charge of reckless conduct in Georgia's Gwinnett County on Monday, April 6. He went on Instagram Live upon his release, talking about someone snitching on him outside the Gwinnet County Jail. "Hey y'all boys told on me," he said in the video. "Them boys working with the people, man. I hope nobody calls me while I'm on live right now. Young Chop is free you guys. This s**t crazy."

In the second video, Chop asked, "Who this is? They said they coming to pick me up? I don't know who that is." He went on admitting, "I'm scared. Am I good? I'm just trying to make sure now. I don't know who the f**k this is though."

"They ain't gonna shoot a muthaf**ka in front of muthaf**kin' police station, is they?" he added, seemingly worried. "On god. I don't know who this car is. Who this is? I don't know who that is. Man, Young Chop free though."

The arrest took place on Monday, a day after Chop looked for his rival 21 Savage on Sunday, April 5 following their social media spat. As reported by XXL, Chop hopped into a Uber and requested to go to an apartment complex that he did not know the address to while carrying a gun. Upon arrival at the residence, he exited the vehicle. He returned shortly after, instructing the driver to take him back home.

In the middle of the trip, Chop asked the driver to stop the vehicle and got out of the car. He then engaged in a heated verbal altercation with an unknown man, during which he brandished a semiautomatic black handgun. He then went back into the Uber while being followed by a black four door sedan driving at high speed.

Documenting the incident on Instagram Live, Chop said that he had been shot at by the car that followed him allegedly to his home. Showing footage of the shattered glass in the car, he said in the video, "This s**t gonna get treacherous out here. They done shot at the motherf**king don. They know n****s ain't gonna go for that. Shoutout to the Uber, they don't know I got real killers riding around too."

"This b***h a**, I should've smoked his a**. But I ain't gonna do that. These n****s can't even come outside no more. You got Cash App? I'll pay for your windows. I'm gonna pay for them. I got you. But anyway…," so he claimed.

He went on taunting his enemy, "Yo, they need to go hire some more shooters, bro. Really, bro. Y'all let off that many shots and ain't hit s**t, bro."

Chop has gone a rant against fellow rappers, including 21, Meek Mill and French Montana, on Instagram. Recently, he targeted Drake, sharing a photo of the Canadian superstar on Thursday, April 9 along with a caption which read, "I'm not done yet. I'm not meek. I will go song for song s**t I wrote fr he a hoe too just like Jr b***h a**."

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