'Riverdale' Star Casey Cott and Brother Corey Go Bald to Raise Money for Clean Water

Carly Cott, the younger sister of the Kevin Keller depicter and the 'Filthy Rich' actor, praises the two as the best brothers in the world for helping Charity Water in raising over $15,000.

AceShowbiz - Casey Cott and Corey Cott would do anything to help others in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, April 4, the actor best known for his role as Kevin Keller on "Riverdale" and his "Filthy Rich" actor brother showed off their clean-shaven heads after pledging to provide safe and clean drinking water for many.

Teaming up with Charity Water, the two brothers announced on Saturday morning that they would "shave [their] heads" if they could raise $3,000 for the non-profit organization. Using Corey's Instagram account, they explained that "everybody deserves to have access to clean water for many reasons - ESPECIALLY FOR WASHING OUR HANDS."

Noting that "washing your hands is the first defense against coronavirus," the brothers stated, "Many parts of the world don't have access to clean water - hence an inability to defend against the disease. HELP US OUT YALL ... COME WATCH US SHAVE OUR BOREDOME AWAY TO RAISE MONEY FOR AN AMAZING CHARITY."

While they aimed to raise $3,000, the Cotts found themselves bringing in a total of $15,000 in only four hours. Sharing the head-shaving process was their sister Carly who uploaded a series of photos of the two cutting off their hair.

"I've got the best brothers in the world and work for an organization that blows my mind and inspires me daily," she wrote in an accompanying caption. "Send some love their way. We are $5,000 away from our goal of raising $20,000 which will bring clean and safe drinking water to two entire communities."

Casey and Corey have later shared their bald looks through their individual Instagram accounts. "You guys are epic," Casey simply captioned his post while urging people to "keep donating." Meanwhile, Corey exclaimed, "We did it! Raised $15K in 4 hours and got a good buzz out of it. Thanks to all who donated! Now I can finally play my dream role of 'Flashback Walter White' in 'Breaking Bad Live! The Musical!' OUR GOAL IS 20K for @charitywater."

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