'Black Ink Crew': Ceaser Emanuel Confronts Ryan Henry in Heated Argument

However, the 9MAG owner feels that Ceaser is acting too sensitive about the whole situation, before alluding that Caesar is unnecessarily blowing things out of proportion.

AceShowbiz - Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry's tension escalated in the latest episode of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago". The two, who had been beefing over Ceaser's ex-girlfriend Kitty, were having a tense confrontation after Ceaser was mad for being the butt of their private jokes. However, Ryan insisted that it wasn't a big deal.

Ryan told Ceaser that he was acting too sensitive about the situation, and that he was unnecessary blowing things out of proportion. Even though they managed to avoid getting physical, Ceaser made it clear that he had no intention of being in friendly terms with Ryan anytime soon.

The confrontation seemingly led Ceaser to announce his plan on opening a Black Ink shop in the heart of Chicago to rival Ryan's 9Mag. Ryan appeared to fire back at Ceasar in a cryptic Instagram post in which he wrote, "... Ahhhhhh youngsta... ... when the hate don't work, they start telling lies... Welcome to Chicago'#9MAG."

This arrived after Tati spread rumors of Kitty sleeping with Ryan. Not taking the rumors well, Caesar was livid. "The audacity of this motherf***er," Caesar said in the midseason trailer of the show.

"I was his friend, I was his mentor, and you got the nerve to mess with one of my exes and throw it in my face. Man, f**k that! It wouldn't be no 9MAG without Ceaser, yo!"

Kitty herself was feuding with Tati, who felt betrayed by Kitty's move from "Black Ink Crew: New York" to "Black Ink Crew: Chicago". The Korean tattoo artist allegedly punched Kitty in the face and the two continued fighting in front of camera. The face-punching seemingly took place after the altercation.

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