Kenya Moore Called a 'Foul' for Claiming She's Banned From Talking to Marc Daly's Parents

In a preview for the new episode of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta', the Bravo reality TV star opens up about her failed marriage, but people blame her and say she's just playing the victim.

AceShowbiz - Kenya Moore airs the dirty laundry on her doomed marriage to Marc Daly in the next episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta". In a preview for the new episode, the reality TV star opens up about the reason why her relationship with her husband didn't work.

"I could be happy in my marriage if I felt like Marc was in it to be happy as well," she says about one of the reasons why they eventually split. "One of my issues with him is like not being able to just have a conversation without yelling or anger or crossing lines. Like, I know it's not me."

Claiming that she's "fought for this marriage," she shares, "I stopped caring about my feeling. And all I was doing was just trying to be everything he wanted me to be and work through everything the best I could to keep my family together."

In a confessional, Kenya additionally says that she often felt like not being let "completely into his life." She goes on detailing, "A lot of things I felt like I was in the dark about. I'm not allowed to speak to his mother or father."

In the end, the 49-year-old former beauty queen says she made the decision to end her marriage to Marc because it's the "best" for her daughter, Brooklyn Doris Daly. "I don't even care about me," so she says.

But instead of feeling sympathetic with her, many people find her story hard to believe. "And U married him and had a baby?!? Chiiiiiiile," one person wrote. Another echoed the sentiment, "How u gonna marry a man and have his baby and not speak to his parents."

"Not allowed? Marc got the right one cause listen lol," a third user commented. "It's hard for me to feel bad for Kenya," another person reacted to her story. Not impressed that she let out her family issues, someone remarked, "She's just telling all of his business. Like stop it."

"First of all the fact that she fixed her lips to let the word 'allowed' fly out of her lips has me floored. God i pray i NEVER in my LIFE be willing to deal with something so FOUL like that," another called her out. Someone else blames Kenya for picking the wrong person, "Kenya has consistently picked men who didn't want her. She has some deep seated insecurities. She needs to blame herself for marrying a man who didn't want her to meet his parents. She loves to play the victim."

Kenya married Marc, a businessman and restaurant owner, in June 2017. They welcomed their first child together in November 2018. A year later, however, she filed for divorce following a heated argument at a charity event.

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