Justin Long Fears He Has COVID-19, but Can't Get Tested

The actor believes he contracted the virus from his brother's girlfriend, saying that he suffers 'achiness, some nausea, headaches, and then the tightness in the chests.'

AceShowbiz - Actor Justin Long fears he has joined the list of celebrity coronavirus victims - but he can't get tested.

The 41 year old believes he contracted COVID-19 from his younger brother's girlfriend, who is also battling the virus.

"We should tell everyone that you actually might have corona. You think you do. I might have it as well," Justin said while chatting with his brother, Christian, on his podcast Life is Short. "Sadly, Christian's girlfriend, Maggie, came back from her work trip and a couple days later, she was very ill. She had classic corona symptoms. She had fever, dry cough, all the things that they're saying people have with COVID."

His brother added, "She's on day 12 of it now and thankfully, the last 24 hours or so, she's had no fever and seems to be doing a lot better. The weird thing is, the day after she came down with symptoms, a couple weeks ago, Justin and I came down with very mild versions of the exact same symptoms."

Justin then explained the siblings suffered "achiness, some nausea, headaches, and then the tightness in the chests".

Maggie and Christian also lost their sense of taste and smell, a known symptom of the illness.

But the "Live Free or Die Hard" star can't confirm he has the virus as he's not considered a high enough risk to get tested.

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