'Love and Hip Hop' Alum Brittney Taylor Plays Down Drunken Fight on Instagram Live

Former 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star Tommie Lee and Bobby Lytes of the Miami spin-off, who were also on Instagram Live, attempted to stop the physical altercation between Brittney and her friend.

AceShowbiz - Brittney Taylor has spoken up after she was caught on camera having a drunken fight with a female friend. Taking to her Instagram page on Monday, March 30, the former "Love & Hip Hop: New York" star blamed alcohol for her violent altercation with her pal during an Instagram Live, which also featured Tommie Lee and Bobby Lytes.

Brittney played down the drunken fight, claiming that she and her friend were goofing around and having fun when something triggered her friend's anger. "My 'friend' and I was drunk off Henny shots and playing. We were throwing water on each other and then she literally went crazy," she wrote on her post.

"Idk where all the anger came from. But she completely lost it on me out of no where," the 24-year-old rapper continued, adding that she wasn't aware that they were fighting, "I had no idea I was even in a 'real fight' that's why I wasn't fighting back."

The former reality TV star also wrote in the caption that there was no real issue between her and her friend. "I have love for the girl. Def wasn't tryna fight. I don't fight my friends," so she claimed, before blaming the Internet for blowing it out of proportion. "It just sucks the internet makes everything worst. All Imma say is Don't believe the hype and Watch who you surround yourself with. People be around And be secretly hating you."

During the Instagram Live on Sunday night, Tommie hosted a virtual dinner with a few friends, including Bobby, Brittney and her friend. However, things got out of control after Tommie said she came out of the restroom to see Brittney and the other friend getting into a scuffle.

The two ladies, who appeared to have had too much to drink, exchanged some heated words, but Brittney didn't seem to be the aggressor. "You tried me when I was not on that type of time!…You tried me, ugly b***h!" Brittney told her friend, who replied, "You tried it, h**!…You threw water on me and you pulled my hair!"

As the girls fought, Tommie and Bobby tried to break it off. "What the f**k?! Get your company! What is wrong? On my life, I’m out!" Tommie was heard saying. Bobby chimed in, "Stop! Both of y'all stop- seriously! My f**kin' hookah!"

Brittney was later on Instagram Live again with Tommie and Bobby to address the altercation, but she appeared to be still intoxicated.

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