Cardi B Backtracks on Plans to Raise Money for Joe Exotic

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker says she was 'just playing' after an online news platform notes that she would not be allowed to raise money for the convicted 'Tiger King' star on GoFundMe.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B wasn't serious about her plans to raise money to help free Joe Exotic. After an online news platform noted that she would not be allowed to raise money for the convicted "Tiger King" on GoFundMe, the Bronx femcee took to Twitter to backtrack on her earlier statement.

After the 27-year-old star showed her support for Joe, TMZ explained in its article why she would not be able to raise cash for the tiger lover on the crowdfunding page. The site stated, "Money CANNOT be raised on its platform to fund the defense of inmates convicted of violent crimes," according to a GFM rep.

Cardi apparently caught wind of this and set things straight on Monday, March 30. "Omg I was just playing," she wrote. The "Money" raptress added though, "I do love him tho and he deff needed better representation."

Previously, Cardi expressed her sympathy for Joe after she watched Netflix's documentary series "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness", which follows the exploits of Joe, a prolific tiger breeder, who ran a popular illegal zoo in Oklahoma. Joe was sent to jail for plotting to kill an animal rights activist, Carole Baskin, and other wildlife violations.

"They did Joe so dirty over and over again," she voiced her support for Joe. Showing her stance in the feud between Joe and Carole, she tweeted, "Who you think is more wrong? Narcissist joe ? Or Greedy Carol ? And why ?" She then added in another post, "Bout to star a gofundme account for Joe. He shall be free."

While some of her fans got the joke, responding with "Lmaoooo they take everything you say so seriously," to her clarification, one person took a jab at her. "Right like especially when she said she was gonna give us music. We all knew that was a lie," one user cynically wrote back to Cardi after her Monday tweet.

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