Blueface Slammed as Disrespectful for Cracking Egg on His Mom's Head for $1K

The 'Thotiana' hitmaker appears to have mended his relationship with his mother after he kicked her out of his house in July 2019, but his fans are not thrilled with his new Instagram video featuring his mom.

AceShowbiz - Blueface appears to have mended his relationship with his mother and he might want to show how close they are in his latest Instagram video. However, it only landed him in hot water as he's seen cracking an egg on his mother's head for money.

In the video posted on Tuesday, March 24, Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Michael Porter, offered his mom a deal. "I'll give you one thousand dollars if you let me crack two eggs on your head," Blueface said. His mother tried to negotiate and asked for $1,000 per egg.

Blueface wouldn't budge with his offer and his mother didn't look thrilled, but she gave in anyway. The "Thotiana" hitmaker, who was ready with one egg each on his hands, eventually only cracked one egg on her head and gave her the money.

His mom jokingly attempted to take revenge and snatched the other egg from Blueface's hand, but he walked away while laughing.

While some of his followers found the video hilarious, some others had more serious responses. They think Blueface was being disrespectful to his mother for the action. "The disrespect," one person remarked.

Another agreed, writing, "Super disrespectful. Not funny." A third user commented, "I dont find this funny," while someone else called out the Los Angeles-born star, "U r 2 disrespectful." Another labeled the act "Disgusting."

Also against it, one person wrote, "Absolutely not! Nothing is humerus about cracking a egg over your mother's head for no amount of money tf." Another comment read, "If that's your mom you are dead a** dumb as f**k For humiliating her for no reason SMFH. My bad I forgot you're only 10 young people do dumb s**t like this."

"This dude have no respect for his Moms and she probably did it because she really need it," another weighed in on the mother and son's relationship. Someone else told Blueface, "Wait thats yo momma aint neva post to do that,n***a just bless her."

Back in July, Blueface and his mother also made headlines for the wrong reason as he's filmed kicking out his mother and his sister Kali out of his Los Angeles home. His anger towards his family reportedly stemmed from his girlfriend’s refusal to greet his mom.

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