Lil Baby's Baby Mama Responds After Rapper's Alleged 'Disrespect' in Freestyle Rap

Fans are loving how she, who goes by the name of Little Ms. Golden on Instagram, responds to the rapper's diss as one fan gushes, 'This how a real queen handles this type of situation.'

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby's first baby mama is clapping back at the rapper after he appeared to diss her during his fresstyle rap on Funk Flex's show at Hot 97. The rapper accused his ex, who goes by the name of Little Ms. Golden on Instagram, of bad-mouthing him to their son in addition to calling her a bum.

That didn't go unnoticed by Golden, who quickly fired back at the Atlanta rapper. "I've neber been a bitter babymomma I've never kept my son away from his father rather he was helping support him or not because there has been times where he was so mad at me he went months without giving me a dime and I still held myself and my son down!" she wrote on Instagram Stories.

"no matter the disrespect lil baby him self did or allowed people around him to do towards myself and my son I've been mature at co parenting for the sake of my son and the relationship that he needs between his father and new sibling the only thing that I've ever did to lil baby was stop being accessible I chose myself over the Bentle I'm not supported because I'm not playing dumb or belittling myself to be apart of a lavish life style that I was never attracted to in the first place," she ranted, before saying that the one that attracted her was the Lil Baby himself though "you didn't realize it."

"I'm so sorry that you lost the best love you'll ever have because you'll pay for every woman that enters your life from this point on... you'll always question if she wants you for the attention life style or what you can do for her something that you never had to quesyion with me.. I saw the king in you long before you got your crown and I'm sorry that you didn't see mine. but throwing dirt on my name hoping that you'll diminish my value as a woman is disgusting and won't work," she added."

Concluding her lengthy post, Golden said she's now over him. She also warned him of the danger of Coronavirus, writing, "also be mindful of the Coronavirus as you travel to make diss tracks because we all look forward to seeing you prosper in your career and I do need my coins blessing to all."

Fans were loving how Golden responded to the diss. "This how a real queen handles this type of situation," one fan gushed. "& she said what she said! Men love to do the women who held them down when they had nothing so wrong," one other quipped.

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