Making it clear that she would never want her music to be plundered for profit posthumously, the Fifth Harmony member warns that she will haunt anyone making such decision after she's gone.

AceShowbiz - Fifth Harmony star Lauren Jauregui has slammed the "creepy" trend of resurrecting dead musicians to stage hologram tours.

The "Expectations" singer has made it clear she would never want her music archives to be plundered for profit posthumously, or for her likeness to be digitally recreated to "perform" for fans.

"Wild that I live in an era where I'll probably have to write into my will that I DO NOT want anybody to release my unreleased music after death or make money off touring my's so invasive and CREEPY," the 23-year-old wrote on Twitter late on Tuesday, March 03.

"I'm such a weirdo about what songs I actually like out of those I make I can't imagine ANYONE having the capacity to make that decision for me after I'm gone...I would be so hurt/angry and I will find ur (sic) a** & haunt you."

Lauren Jauregui Is Against Hologram Tours of Late Musicians

Lauren Jauregui shares her opinion on hologram tours of late musicians.

Jauregui didn't reveal what had inspired her Twitter rant, but her remarks emerged a day after Whitney Houston's representatives announced plans to stage her controversial hologram tour in North America, following its recent European debut, which garnered mixed reviews.

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