The former 'Malcolm in the Middle' star has finally tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Paige Price nearly two years after a devastating flood destroyed their home.

AceShowbiz - Actor Frankie Muniz's low-key wedding began with disaster as the floral decorations went up in flames.

The 34-year-old married Paige Price last month (February), almost two years after a devastating flood destroyed their home, and Muniz reveals the celebration began with guests screaming in fear.

"Paige had decided she wanted dry florals for the decor, and we also had candles lining the walkway," he tells People magazine. "They looked incredible. But right as the officiant started, some of the flowers were knocked into a candle and literally, 10 foot flames. Everyone was screaming!"

Thankfully, the blaze was quickly contained and attendees were able to enjoy the festivities.

He adds, "It was definitely a memorable moment!"

The two eloped as they renovated their Phoenix, Arizona home after the flooding, caused by the former "Malcolm in the Middle" star's cat, which managed to turn on a faucet while the couple was away at his uncle's funeral.

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