'The Bachelor' Recap: Madison Gives Peter Weber 'Suite Ultimatum' Prior to Fantasy Suite Dates

The new episode of the ABC dating show sees the pilot and the three women, Madison, Hannah Ann and Victoria, heading to Australia where they will spend the Fantasy Suite week.

AceShowbiz - It's finally time for the fantasy suit for Peter Weber's season of "The Bachelor". However, before they got there, the Monday, February 24 episode of the ABC show began right where things were left off last week. After pulling him aside following the rose ceremony, Madison hinted to Peter that she's saving herself for marriage.

"Next week, if you were to sleep with somebody else, it would be really hard for me to move forward in this," so she told Peter. That only made Peter confused and he replied, "I feel like that's not fair to the [other] relationships [with Hannah Ann Sluss and Victoria Fuller] I have, but I don't want to give you doubt in any way and make you feel like I think any less of what we have."

"In no way do I want to give you an ultimatum or tell you what you can and can't do. I hope you know that," Madison responded. "But for me, actions speak louder than words, and I'm just really big on that."

Later, Peter and the ladies went to Australia. The first date was between Peter and Hannah Ann. They opted to have some fun on jet skis. Peter and Hannah Ann then had a makeout session on the beach after he told her that he's falling for her. They later decided to spend the night together in the fantasy suite.

The next date went to Victoria. Peter tried to clear things out with her as Victoria insisted to him that she didn't "ruin relationship" like his ex Merissa Pence claimed. They fortunately agreed to put the drama in the past and enjoy their helicopter ride.

Later at night, Victoria opened up to Peter about how she was treated in a past relationship and that was why she found communication difficult. She got emotional because she was worried that she wasn't giving Peter the answers he wanted. However, they later managed to talk it through and spent the night together in the fantasy suite.

Meanwhile in the girls' hotel room, Madison told Hannah Ann that she wouldn't be happy if Peter slept with someone else. Hannah Ann didn't say much but in her confessional, she admitted that she was "really thrown off" by that because Madison should have known "what [she] was coming into" by joining "The Bachelor".

Then it was time for a date with Madison. They climbed to the top of the talest building in the country. During the date, the two realized how much they're in love with each other and at the night portion of the date, Madison revealed to Peter that she's saving herself for marriage.

Peter respected her. Madison then said that while she didn't want to be judgemental, she wasn't willing to compromise if he slept with one or both of the other women. When peter admitted that he was intimate during his other fantasy suite dates with the other women, Madison was upset and hurt.

Peter and Madison cried together and he apologized as he didn't want to lose Madision. It remains to be seen what would happen next as it will play out in the upcoming March 2 episode that will also feature the "Women Tell All" special.

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