Watch Joseline Hernandez's Boyfriend Go Off on Her for Flirting With Another Man
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Ballistic Beats is so mad after seeing the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' beauty feeding another man fruit during a pool party that he knocks over a potted plant.

AceShowbiz - Joseline Hernandez's relationship with Ballistic Beats has been put in a tough spot. He was not having it when he saw his reality TV star girlfriend flirting with another man during a pool party in the latest episode of "Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition".

Guests at the bash were asked to participate in an exercise that tested their individual loyalty and commitments to their partners as one of them watched on monitors. Things went normal at first, until Ballistic saw Joseline feeding fruit to another man and asked him not to tell the music producer about the things they did. He, naturally, did not take that well and went off.

In the next scene, Ballistic bolted out of the room and headed towards the party to confront the VH1 star. "Man, shut the f**k up. Party over!" he shouted at Joseline, who was clueless, while everyone was hanging by the pool. "Get the f**k inside, man. Get the f**k over. Party the f**k over man," he kept shouting. "Man, come on man! Whatchu talkin' about? Let's go. What the f**k wrong witchu, man!"

Ballistic got even more mad when Joseline ran ahead of him, so he knocked over a potted plant and smashed the pot holder to pieces. "What the f**k wrong witchu, feeding somebody fruit and s**t? And then you tellin' [inaudible], 'Don't tell nobody about what we did today.' Man, f**k all this s**t man!" he said once they were inside, knocking her glass out of her hand and it shattered on the floor.

"Are you f***ing kidding me?!" she shouted in response, to which he fired back, "Don't disrespect me! I told you: Treat me like a king! You don't disrespect me, man!"

Fortunately for them, they eventually made up when she apologized for her actions and broke down in tears.

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