'RHOA': 'The Cookie Lady' Says She Doesn't 'Regret Anything Ever' Despite Receiving Backlash

Despite the drama involving Tanya Sam and her fiance, Shiana White reveals that she is in for burying the hatchet with Tanya, adding that her 'intention were not to hurt her.'

AceShowbiz - In the current season 12 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", Shiana White a.k.a. The Cookie Lady made a debut in the February 9 episode after Kenya Moore brought her to a bruch with other ladies including Tanya Sam. That allowed her to detail what actually happened following reports that Tanya's long-time fiance Paul Judge flirted with her at one occasion. She received huge flack because of it, but Shiana revealed that she couldn't care less about the backlash.

When asked about her portrayal on the Bravo reality series, the owner of aHauteCookie in Atlanta hinted that the production edited her part to make her look bad. "I know myself and who I am at the beginning and end of the day. I also know what it takes to make a successful reality show and they have to edit to bring the drama and keep ratings," she told TheJasmineBRAND.

Shiana also revealed that she wasn't bothered with the hate comments. "I grew up in South Central L.A. so I can handle the hate," she shared. "Some of it is funny…I don't regret ANYTHING EVER! Everything happens for a reason and it has already been written!"

Tanya appeared to have nonchalant reaction to the whole drama, but Shiana still believed that Paul's action to her was "inappropriate and a bit disrespectful, seeing he has a whole package at home all wrapped up tight."

At the end of the interview, Shiana said that she wished Tanya "would've had an open mind about it, seeing as how I was invited to tell her, I'm sure it made her respond how she has." Despite everything, Shiana revealed that she was in for burying the hatchet with Tanya, admitting, "I would like to... My intention were not to hurt her."

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