'Bachelor' Recap: Peter Opts Out Meeting With Victoria F.'s Family for Hometown Date

The episode sees Peter Weber visiting the hometowns of the Top 4, Victoria Fuller, Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Kelsey Weier, in order to meet their families.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelor" season 24 returned on Monday, February 17 for the long-awaited hometown dates. The episode saw Peter Weber visiting the hometowns of the Top 4, Victoria Fuller, Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Kelsey Weier, in order to meet their families.

It kicked off with Peter and Hannah Ann heading to Knoxville, Tennessee to meet her family. At Hannah Ann's house, Peter met her mom and dad as well as her siblings. Peter then had a sit down with her mother, telling her that Hannah Ann told him that she was starting to fall in love with him. The mother said to Peter that she just wanted her daughter happy.

Later, it was time for Peter to talk with Hannah Ann's dad and it wasn't easy. Her dad was extremely guarded. He asked Peter about his relationship with the other women and he told her dad that there was something real between him and Hannah Ann. He also revealed that he planned to tell her tonight that he was falling in love with her since he didn't want Hannah Ann doubted his feelings. However, her dad told him not to say that to her unless he really meant it.

During their time alone, Peter told Hannah Ann that her father was a good man and he respected him. He then told her that he was falling in love with her, and they kissed.

The next hometown date was in Des Moines, Iowa, Kelsey's hometown. That night, Peter met Kelsey's mom Beth, his stepdad Mike and sisters Kalason and Kayla. Beth said to Peter that it must be hard for Kelsey to open up about her dad. She asked Peter not to break her daughter's heart. Kelsey's mom then added that he had her full support.

Peter later headed to Auburn, Alabama for a hometown date with Madison. The pair went to the the basketball arena and they shoot hoop-ed with head coach Bruce Pearl before meeting her family. During the meeting, they told Peter that they had a tradition where they sang praises for whoever had the "special plate." Maddie was then given the plate and Peter shared that she inspired him every time they were together.

Madison's mom then privately asked her if she had brought the intimacy issue with Peter because it made Madison feel uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Peter told Madison's dad that he was willing to make an effort to be the man that Madison deserves. Her dad wanted Peter to say that he believed that Madison was the one for him and he couldn't really do that.

The last hometown visit was in Virginia Beach where Peter met Victoria's parents. However, before it started, the two accidentally met his ex-girlfriend Merissa Pence, who later warned him that Victoria wasn't good for him.

Peter later confronted Victoria about what Merissa told him earlier and that made Victoria defensive. She accused Peter of thinking that what Merissa alleged about her was more important than meeting her parents. That led to Peter having a complicated feelings the next morning. Peter later told her he couldn't make any decisions right now and he left without meeting Victoria's family.

At the rose ceremony, rather unexpectedly, Peter gave the roses to Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria. That meant that Kelsey was sent home.

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