DaBaby Responds as Alleged Pregnant Side Chick Is Dragged on Internet

The 'Suge' rapper breaks his silence, taking to Twitter to set the record straight as the woman who claimed to be his pregnant ex-lover is trolled on the internet over her look.

AceShowbiz - DaBaby spoke out after a woman came forward claiming to be his side chick who's carrying his child. He responded as one of his Twitter followers mocked the woman, who goes by the name Latoia Danet on Instagram, over her look and compared her to the one-eyed green character from "Monsters, Inc."

The fan posted Latoia's picture and wrote, "Da baby the hottest rapper in the game right? [cry] what he doing getting Mike Wazowski pregnant [confused face] I need answers y'all [laugh]." In response, the rapper said Latoia's not his ex-lover, "[cap] I ain't never seen shawty a day in my life [laugh]."

He then said in his follow-up message, "Y'all gotta learn to be more sensitive to ppl feelings on the internet dawg. I'm cool w/ MFs lying on me, it come with the game. But I hate when the lies put me in the position where I gotta potentially hurt somebody else feelings to clear my name. That ain't playa at all."

"Not even on no motivational speaker type s**t. But y'all gotta keep in mind some people really can't handle allat negative s**t that come from the [cap] that be put out on the internet. a MF a really give up on life behind a bulls**t story made up by someone who wasn't thinking."

He continued, "& I would hate to be apart of somebody mind or spirit being f**ked up all because I gotta clear my name to keep my character from being damaged. Y'all MFs cutthroat boy."

Latoia hasn't responded to DaBaby's comments. While the rapper denied Latoia's his pregnant side chick who caused a rift between him and girlfriend MeMe, he didn't reveal the identity of his ex-lover in question.

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