Daniel Kaluuya Admits He Used to Lie About Mastering 'All the Accents' During Auditions

When sitting down with talk show host Graham Norton, the 'Get Out' actor also reveals why he always makes sure to leave as soon as possible after auditions.

AceShowbiz - Daniel Kaluuya used to have to lie about his acting skills bag auditions - losing out on one role due to his appalling attempt at a Scottish accent.

The "Get Out" star has now landed roles on both sides of the Atlantic, seamlessly shifting between his native British, and an American accent - but admits that in his early years as an actor he oversold his abilities.

"I've lied a lot," he tells U.K. chat show host Graham Norton. "Obviously I wanted jobs, so I put that I could do all the accents. I even double asterisked them to say I was highly skilled.

"I then went to an audition and was doing really well until they asked me to do a Scottish accent. I started somewhere in the Midlands, worked my way upwards and landed in Liverpool. They asked me to leave!."

Asked about his tips for auditions - he says he always makes sure to leave as soon as possible to ensure your acting makes an impression - but once fell foul of his own advice by leaving before his try-out had finished.

"My best tip is to leave as quickly as possible," the star explains. "Don't try and small talk, just leave. Don't even say goodbye. Though, I did that once and I didn't realise I had another scene!."

Daniel's latest movie, "Queen & Slim" debuts in cinemas on Friday, January 31.

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