Daniel Kaluuya Bored and Tired of Taking About Racial Issues

The 'Queen and Slim' actor reveals he's sick of being asked about Hollywood diversity issues in every interviews because he's not defined by the color of his skin.

AceShowbiz - Daniel Kaluuya is growing tired of the constant questions about race, insisting he's "not defined by" the colour of his skin.

The 30-year-old actor enjoyed a stellar rise to fame after starring in Jordan Peele's "Get Out", and went on to land roles in movies such as "Black Panther" and "Widows". To promote his movie releases, Daniel has taken part in his fair share of interviews, but told Britain's The Guardian newspaper that he's sick of people asking him for his opinion on the diversity debate currently going on in Hollywood.

"I'm not going to ignore that I'm surrounded by (racial issues), but I'm not defined by it. I'm just Daniel, who happens to be black," he sighed. Adding he was determined not to be pushed into becoming a spokesperson for black actors, he argued, "What is there to talk about race? It's just boring to me. What's the debate? I'm more of a doer. I'm just going to do what I want to do."

Daniel went on to stress that while race played a major issue tackled in "Get Out", many of his other roles haven't focused on his skin colour - but those parts are the ones that tend to be ignored.

"The Fades ain't about race, Psychoville ain't about race, Skins ain't about race, Chatroom ain't about race, Johnny English Reborn ain't about race. But that almost gets erased. There's a narrative that is pushed," he said.

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