Lil Durk Denies Getting Cheated on by His Girlfriend

The 'Signed to the Streets' rapper insists he and girlfriend/baby mama India are good despite the internet chatters suggesting that they are going through a rough patch.

AceShowbiz - Lil Durk set the record straight on the rumors suggesting his girlfriend India cheated on him. Despite reports that they broke up, he insisted all was good. "LIFE IS GOOD ...... WE IS GOOD ....... SHE IS GOOD," the rapper posted on Instagram.

The 27-year-old rap star added on his Story, "India did not cheat on me she to 1000000 for that and respect herself 2much we will never let the internet break up our home y'all can keep trying tho. We don't care frfr."

Lil Durk and India sparked speculations that they took a break after it's revealed they had removed pictures and unfollowed each other on Instagram. "If a b***h lie to you in your face don't trust her," he additionally posted a cryptic note on Twitter.

However, he soon tried to play down the rumors with his next message, "Don't believe the rumors." He also told his online followers, "All internet s**t don't believe half of it."

He later quoted Young Thug as a warning to any males who tried to flirt with India while they're going through a rough patch. "Ima leave this here," he wrote. "Don't get shot tryna be the n***a to comfort my b***h while we goin thru it."

Lil Durk started dating India in 2017. They welcomed a baby girl in 2018. It's not the first time the couple had a breakup as he once tweeted, "Me and India broke up for 2min and 21sec and we back together."

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