Justin Long Laughs Off Gay Incest Rumors

The 'Jeepers Creepers' star, who used to date Amanda Seyfried, was recently rumored to be in a romantic relationship who was said to be none other than his older sibling, Christian Long.

AceShowbiz - Actor Justin Long is bemused by rumours about his sexuality after he was romantically linked to his own brother.

The "Jeepers Creepers" star recently found himself at the centre of tabloid gossip amid speculation suggesting he had found love with a man - but the mystery guy he was linked to turned out to be his older sibling, Christian Long.

The 41-year-old, whose exes include actresses Drew Barrymore and Amanda Seyfried, has now poked fun at the claims in the latest episode of his podcast, "Life is Short with Justin Long", on which he and producer Christian laugh about the inaccurate reports.

"I've always tried to avoid rumours, or online gossip, stuff like that, but it was recently called to my attention that there was a story, or a piece of gossip about me, that said I was gay," the actor began. "I think the quote was (I was getting) 'hot and heavy' with another man, that we shared a house together."

"It turns out that my lover in the story was Christian, my brother...!" he quipped. "It was funny... It wasn't in any way offensive, and it certainly wasn't offensive the suggestion that I might be gay..."

Chiming in, Christian said, "Let's clear the record for everybody: Justin and I are not in a homosexual relationship."

"We can use this platform to debunk that rumour," Justin added.

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