Fans Defend Rihanna After Being Accused of Photoshopping Lingerie Pics to Look Skinnier

While some people agree that nowadays most Instagram pictures are photoshopped, others claim that the 'Umbrella' hitmaker is still pretty without her photos getting touched up.

AceShowbiz - While many have acknowledged Rihanna's sexiness, some people questioned how genuine her appearance in her Instagram photo is. These people took issue with the photos that the 31-year-old star recently shared on her social media account, showing her promoting her new Savage X Fenty lingerie collection.

In some images, the singer-turned-fashion designer sported a revealing red two-piece while sitting on inflatable couch. She also had a thick red jacket wrapped around her waist that looked small.

As Rih looked thicker in her previous appearances, some people accused the Barbadian songstress of photoshopping those images to make her look thinner. One Internet user wrote, "All these filter posting MF photoshopped!!!! With their in the past posting a$$es!!!! Talking about TBI...... NO let me see your A$$ NOW!!!!!!"

Another thinks that it has been common for a celebrity to have her picture being doctored, "Ok... what model/entertainer doesn't have their pictures touched up when they start approaching the wall." But another disagreed, arguing, "Rihanna.looks fabulous in these pictures...The jacket is hiding her weight gain, I dont see much photoshop... then again 85% of IG uses photoshop."

Some others didn't care if Rihanna edited the images, because she looks pretty either way. "Lol... I agree... I dont care for filters because I have seen what people look like without them.. I think I it's a form of lying to be honest.. at the same time it's what celebs do.. but Rihanna has been beautiful from day 1 of her career.. filter or no filters, extra weight or skinny she is gorgeous," one commented.

Another fan defended the "Diamonds" hitmaker, "Who gives a damn if she's big or small weigh wise her bank account is nice and healthy I'm sure she could give a damn what anyone thinks she probably wipes her tears away with big face hundreds."

Recent report said that Rihanna gained a lot of weight during her relationship with her then-boyfriend Hassan Jameel because he force-fed her. According to blogger Shallon Lester, sources told her that Hassan was "force-feeding" the Grammy Award-winning artist to make her fat, so that he could better "control" her. He would "purposefully leave her favorite snacks around...on the jet and on the yacht," so that Rih would have no choice but to overeat.

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