Tyler Perry Vows to Provide Writers' Room Following Backlash

During his appearance on 'The View', the 'A Madea Family Funeral' star recalls an incident early on in his career that led him to decide not to have a writers room.

AceShowbiz - Tyler Perry has promised screenwriters opportunities to work on future projects at his new production studios after facing a backlash for preferring to pen his own-branded TV series solo.

The actor/director recently found himself at the centre of controversy after trying to highlight his strong work ethic by revealing he does not have writers' rooms for dramas like "The Have and the Have Nots", "The Oval", and "Sistas".

However, the news didn't sit well with social media users, who accused Perry of blocking himself off from criticism or other ways of thinking by refusing to hire other writers to share their input on his shows.

He is now explaining the reason for his writers' room reluctance, revealing an incident early on in his career led him to ditch the collaborative effort.

"It's not that I don't want help," Perry explained on U.S. show "The View". "I had a really bad experience with a writers' room once, and they (screenwriters) were turning in scripts, and you know, you pay for these scripts and they turn them in, and the scripts are not right, then you have to rewrite them and you have to pay them again."

"And then the returned scripts, we'd put them on the air and the ratings would drop. So I said, 'Listen, my audience, I've been cultivating this for 25 years, they know how I'm speaking to them, they know specifically what I'm saying,' so I realised then that I needed to continue to just do what I do, and I don't mind."

However, Perry insists that won't be the case for other ventures at his Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, where he hopes to offer as many job opportunities as possible to those seeking to break into the industry.

"There will be other projects at the studio that are not Tyler Perry-labelled projects that have writers' rooms and writers will get a chance," he promised.

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