'The Real' co-host has received a lot of criticism since she's dating James Welsh, who is a white man, and some Internet trolls have left more negative comments after she recently posted pictures of her date night.

AceShowbiz - Haters are going to hate. It's been almost a year since Loni Love started dating James Welsh, but some people still couldn't accept the fact that her boyfriend is a white man. Recently, Internet trolls left negative comments after "The Real" co-host posted pictures of her date night with her beau.

"#datenight with Jim. He talks, I drink...," the 48-year-old comedian captioned the images that appropriately showed James animatedly talking while she's holding her glass of wine. While many of her followers called the couple "cute" and loved her for keeping "it real," some others left mean comments.

One person called her a "Bedwench," while another questioned the double standard on an interracial relationship. "Black men get bashed for marrying white women whilst black women get praised for being with white men," the second user remarked.

Noticing the negative comments, Loni returned to Twitter on Saturday, January 18 to address her relationship with James, "Some folks are so mad I have a dude that likes me for me... I joke, I drink.. but I know I am black .." She went on telling the haters, "get over it.. I hope you all find some happiness.."

Loni Love Hits Back at Critics of Her Interracial Relationship

Loni Love tells haters of her relationship with James Welsh to 'get over it.'

Many of her followers have shown their support to Loni, with one responding to her tweet, "It's interesting how the question of blackness never gets asked to the droves of black men dating white. I'm so glad you’re allowing yourself to be loved and happy!!"

"It's sad & unfortunate that black people always find a problem when other blacks do not love the same way do #LoveIsLove," another reacted to the negative comments. Someone else shared an encouraging message, "That's just jealousy Loni! Let them hate! They are most likely the ones that are miserable without somebody or they have someone that don't live up to their standard person that they want in their life!"

This is not the first time Loni was forced to defend her relationship with James. Back in August, she hit back at those questioning her decision to date a white man. "Amazed at times at the folks concerned that I am dating a White male...," so the actress wrote on Twitter. "For years Black males have dated White and 'E xotic' women and no one questions it," she added with the hashtag #lovewhileyoucan at the end of her post.

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