Selena Gomez Trolled for Begging Fans to Stream 'Rare' So That She Won't Lose to Roddy Ricch
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The former Disney darling's latest album and the rapper's debut effort 'Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial' are neck to neck for the No. 1 spot on Billboard 200.

AceShowbiz - Selena Gomez may or may not have her newest album "Rare" debuting atop Billboard 200. Learning of this, the songstress has shared a video asking her fans to help stream the album so that she won't lose to Roddy Ricch's "Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial". Instead of receiving help, many people start trolling her over her desperate plea.

In the black-and-white video, Selena admits that even though she's not one to care about numbers, she would "love for the most important album I ever released to become No. 1. So if you don't mind streaming it or listening to it on the platforms would mean the world to me." She added, "This is again something I'm dreaming about for so long. But regardless I just hope that you guys are enjoying it."

She then followed it up with another video of her on the road to buy her albums as many as possible so that she can rule the chart. "I don't care, because this album is so... it's rare," Selena said in the video.

People soon began trolling her on social media for being so desperate, with many vowing to stream Roddy's album instead. "Lmfaoooo Roddy knocking these white artists off their spot & they HATE it. I hope he keeps it up," someone said. Mentioning Justin Bieber's attempt to beat the rapper, another commented, "Me bumping roddy rich while selena gomez and justin bieber beg for streams."

"Selena Gomez and her team finding out that roddy ricch is preventing them from getting Number 1 on the charts," one joked, along with a video of someone getting mad. "Selena Gomez has over 150mm followers yet shes begging her fans to help her go #1. What a loser. Stream Roddy Rich tho," one person mocked her. Another echoed, "Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber some absolute losers bro like how are you gonna talk about it 'not being about numbers' but then complain cus you cant beat out roddy rich who is just kickin off his career and doin numbers. The jealousy is pathetic to see."

"Justin and Selena trying to go number one while Roddy talking about stream they s**t he killing them n***as with kindness," someone else chimed in. There was also another one who said, "Im f***ing weak Roddy Ricch got these mf's begging for streams cause they can't beat him. Selena deadass even went to buy her own copies LMFAO IM WEAKKK." Someone simply tweeted, "F**k selena gomez!!! Roddy ricch 2020!!!!!"

Roddy has also responded to this, tweeting, "Stream rare by selena gomez."

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