Kodak Black 'Proud' of Himself Amid Sobriety Journey

Taking to his Instagram Live on Saturday, April 6), the Florida native claimed that his life has been a bit on the upswing since he quit abusing Percocets. "I remember a point in my life when I was chewing a lot of Percs," he said.

AceShowbiz - Kodak Black has shared an update on his sobriety journey. The "ZEZE" rapper declared during an Instagram Live that he's so "proud" of himself now that he can handle his prescription pill usage.

In the Saturday, April 6 live stream, the 26-year-old Florida native claimed that his life has been much better since he quit abusing Percocets. "I remember a point in my life when I was chewing a lot of Percs," he said.

"Bro, I'm proud of myself. I've never been this happy in my life, bro. I don't know where this came from, what the f**k going on," the emcee added. "I ain't even going to say I'm anti-Perc. Like, I never took a Perc since I been home. But bro, my dosage so low that I can't believe it myself. Man, I'm telling y'all, bro."

"Before I just went to jail, bro, I was taking… I can talk about this because it's my testimony. Bro, I'm hollering at y'all, ain't no shame in my s**t. I was taking, bro, at least 100 Percs. Bro, my average was 40 Percocets. I'm telling y'all this man. I ain't know, to the point where I look at this s**t and be like, what the f**k was wrong with me, bruh? I listen to my music and be like, bro, what the f**k, fam?"

Back in December 2023, Kodak was arrested by a Plantation Police Department officer after officers allegedly saw a black Bentley SUV blocking a roadway around 2:07 A.M. in the 600 block of NW 47th Terrace. He was slapped with several charges, inlcuding cocaine possession.

The charge, however, was dismissed in February after Judge Barbara Duffy told prosecutors that they couldn't confirm or refute whether Kodak had a prescription for oxycodone. Following the arrest, the rhymer told his fans during an Instagram Live, "I was on the lean, homie. I was asleep in front of my family house, bro. That's it. That ain't illegal... I'll tell God himself, I do Percs and s**t like that, but them was my medicine prescribed to me."

Noting that he's spent $350,000 on rehab, Kodak stated that he wants to do better for his children. "I'm working on myself. I'm working right now, homie… I've done went to rehab by myself… Just me wanting to better myself," he explained.

Shutting down the cocaine usage allegations, the emcee argued, "Hell f**k no, bruh. Hell nah." He went on to stress, "And I ain't finna say I'm against motherf**kers who do coke. Man, I ain't on that s**t."

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