Video of T.I.'s Son King Harris Getting Caught in a Brawl at School Surfaces Online

In a video which lasts less than 30 seconds, the curly-haired kid is seen getting punched by his friend in what appears to be a bathroom, before he tries to fight back.

AceShowbiz - King Harris is apparently having a hard time getting along with his friends at school. A video of the son of T.I. getting caught in a fight with his schoolmate has surfaced online, prompting concern from other social media users.

In a video which lasted less than 30 seconds, King was getting punched by his friend in what appeared to be a bathroom. He didn't let the said friend hit him over and over again though, because in the next moment, the young rapper throw his opponent and started punching him back. There were several other students beside them, but they simply watched on without interfering.

Those who watched the video have since expressed their concern over his safety, as some pointed out that King was on the losing side during the fight. "Looks like he needs to be worried about him instead of his daughter's virginity," a user said, referring the whole hymen controversy involving Deyjah Harris. Some others, meanwhile, urged Tip to switch to homeschool instead.

"See he shoulda kept that boy homeschooled," one wrote. "I would definitely Home school my child that's in the Spot light. His name is King.. His parents are Famous and He's touring & trying to have his own Rap career... I would go to jail behind mines, so why bother taking a risk on something like this happening...," another echoed.

King has actually asked his parents to allow him to switch to home-schooling so that he could focus on his music career. While Tiny (Tameka Cottle) wasn't necessarily opposed to the idea, it wasn't the case for Tip, who explained to his son that he had not "put in enough work" yet to set aside school to pursue his music career. This led the father and son to have an explosive argument, with the latter ending up breaking down in tears.

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