See Justin Bieber's Epic Reaction When Fan Says 'Yummy' Isn't That Good in Front of Him

In David Dobrik's new video on YouTube, the Canadian singer gets to hear what people says about him while he is hiding in a car, with one fan saying that 'Yummy' is 'just not it.'

AceShowbiz - Not everyone is liking Justin Bieber's new single "Yummy", even though the song has been topping music charts all around the world. The Canadian singer was recently featured in YouTuber David Dobrik's new video, in which he got to hear what people said about him while in hiding.

Most of them were praising Justin, with a brunette girl confessing, "I love him I'm gonna marry him honestly." And when Justin appeared behind her out of nowhere, the girl was so shook she said she would poop in her pants. However, one male fan admitted that while he loves the "Sorry" singer, he thought "Yummy" is "just not it. It's not that good."

Hearing this, Justin immediately yelled, "It's not it?! It's not it!?" from behind and surprised the male fan greatly. Justin then playfully strangled the male fan and joked, "I'm gonna kill you!" After that, the fan changed his opinion, saying "Yummy" is good and starting to sing to the song. This prompted Justin to laugh.

Released on January 3, "Yummy" marks Justin's solo single in three years and serves as the lead single off his upcoming fifth studio album. The song received mixed reviews from music critics, with some praising the R&B sound but dismissing the lyrics. However, the release of the song was accompanied with criticism as Justin begged fans to stream the song using VPN so that it would debut at No.1 on Billboard's Hot 100. Many called him out for stream manipulation, and said that it was his "desperate" and "privileged" attempts to get the song rule the weekly chart.

Details of his upcoming album has yet to be known, though Justin will document the process of the album-making through his YouTube docuseries. In addition to that, the Grammy singer is set to embark on a tour in support of the album.

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