Tekashi69's Baby Mama Claps Back at Rapper's Girlfriend for Calling Her 'Deadbeat'

The baby mama Sara Molina blasts the girlfriend Jade in an expletive-laden post for being 'corny' and 'weak' after she was called 'deadbeat' and 'miserable.'

AceShowbiz - While Tekashi 6ix9ine is behind bars serving his jail time, his baby mama Sara Molina and girlfriend Jade are out here having a catfight on social media. Sara hits back at Jade in an angry foul-mouthed rant after she was called "deadbeat" and "miserable."

"Any b***h that stand by a n***a who don't take care of his kids is a corny weak b***h," Sara raged. "B***h you not as important to me as you think. My problem isn't you. I always made my issue about him not being a father, not what he does for you and your daughter who ain't even his dummy."

"KNOW YOUR PLACE," she continued. "I never had a issue with you. You doing exactly what b***hes like you do. But mind your f**king business. I don't comment on you, I comment on the bum I had a kid with. Don't act so bold now. Don't do it. And next time @ me lmfao."

Jade previously dissed Sara who called out Tekashi for neglecting his daughter. "She believes a baby is supposed to make him stay & tries to use the baby against him. & also make him & his relationship miserable. She believes she has a point to prove," Jade posted a quote on Instagram.

She added her own scathing message, making it clear that she despised anyone that had the title "baby momma." "We hate you baby mommas..miserable b***hes…happy holidays to all mothers tho," wrote Jade who has a kid from a previous relationship.

Besides trashing Sara, Jade low-key dragged Tekashi despite receiving an expensive gift. She was not exactly thrilled with the custom-made iced-out troll doll chain she got from the rapper and subtly called him a rat for failing to give her what she wanted.

Tekashi started seeing Jade in 2018 while he was still with Sara who gave birth to his daughter in 2013. He claimed Sara was not faithful either as he accused her of cheating on him with his manager.

During his trial, Tekashi confessed to fathering another child with a woman named Layna. During his sentencing roughly a week ago, he admitted he failed his family and children and promised to do better if he's let out. He was sentenced to 2 years after testifying against the Nine Trey Gang.

In response, Sara called out Tekashi for using their daughter as a "prop" to gain sympathy from judge. She said his team originally wanted to bring the kid to court, and on the eve of his sentencing, his brother contacted her to have the child for the night but she refused. She said they "couldn't even get my daughter's age right" on the support letter.

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