'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore 'Slapped' NeNe Leakes While Filming

In related news, in one clip from the latest episode of the Bravo show, Kenya is seen being baffled as her husband Marc Daly appears to take NeNe's side despite Kenya's beef with NeNe.

AceShowbiz - It seems like there will be another "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star who will get suspended after NeNe Leakes. According to a new clip for the upcoming episode, Kenya Moore will be the one who causes a scene in current season 12 of the Bravo reality show.

In the next week's episode of "RHOA", viewers will see Kenya breaking the show's no violent rules. It is said that Kenya puts hands on her rival Nene following a bitter shouting match.

During the argument, NeNe points her finger in Kenya's face, and calls her a "f***ing b***h." Fighting back, Kenya allegedly slaps "Nene's hand out of her face and yelling, 'you're a f*cking b***h.' "

The slap doesn't sit well with NeNe, who later tries to attack Kenya. However, before something happens, NeNe is held by Bravo security. That doesn't stop her from protesting though, as she screams about Kenya putting "hands on me" and slapping her.

In related news, Kenya was seen being baffled as her husband Marc Daly appeared to take NeNe's side despite Kenya's beef with NeNe. During a dinner with some other ladies and their husband, NeNe's name was somehow brought up.

"NeNe was nice to me the first time I met all of you," Marc said. "She showed me the ultimate respect. ... She's nice to me, I'm not going to dog her."

Kenya then tried to pull the receipts of the many times NeNe threw shade at her while she was pregnant with Brooklyn. "I have to remind Marc..when you found out that NeNe said I'm carrying a buffalo or something, you were very offended by that," Kenya said. "She was talking about your unborn child and that made you extremely upset."

"I know you guys have friction, but that's not me," Marc insisted. "I have no problem with a woman who is very nice to me."

"Mmmmmmm Imma need you to be on your wife's side on this one sir," one user commented on the clip on Instagram. "Uuuuum nah My guy. If you have a problem with my bae you got a problem with me! #Periodt," wrote someone else.

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